Our Terms and Conditions


When making a booking with Kidz Camp Essex, these Terms and Conditions and other information packs such as our Policies and Procedures lay out the agreement between us and the parent. If you ever have any questions about our Terms and conditions, please contact a member of the team on 01702 624075


1. Payments - Kidz Camp Essex accepts payments via bank transfers, cheque, cash, childcare vouchers or card payments over the phone. All payments must be made before your child attends camp or using cash or cheque on the day they attend. Kidz Camp Essex reserves the right to cancel your booking if no payment has been made before your child attends. In the unlikely event that a payment has not been made after your child attends, there may be a late payment fee of £50 added to your booking total to cover any and all admin costs to collect payment.


2. Childcare Vouchers - If you’re paying via childcare vouchers, you need to contact your provider once you have received a booking confirmation from us. Payments sent to us from your provider can take up to 5 working days so please ensure that you do this well in advance.


3. Changing your booking - If you wish to change any or all the days you have booked with us, you must notify us immediately. Please be aware that if you do not let us know in good time, we cannot guarantee a space for the date you wish to switch to. If a space has been made for you and you do not show up, you may still be charged for this service. This will be at the discretion of Kidz Camp Essex


4. Cancellation Policy – If any days need to be cancelled for any reason, a minimum of 2 days’ notice needs to be given. If you have paid for your days in advance, a credit note will be given to you to be used at any of our future camps. Any notice given out of the two day window will result in any money paid being lost.


5. Late Collection – All children must be collected no later than 6pm unless previously arranged by Kidz Camp Essex and yourself. Two staff members will stay with your child until they are collected. You will be charged a fee of £5 for every 15 minutes you are late collecting. If by 6:30pm there has been no successful contact with the parent or guardian, we will contact social services to inform them of an uncollected child. We reserve the right to refuse future bookings from a parent who continually collects their child late.


6. Your Child’s information - It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that any and all information given at the time of booking is accurate and true with close attention to: Medical history, other special educational needs and emergency contact details. Without all this information your child will be unable to attend camp. It is extremely important that all this information is given to us for safeguarding purposes.


7. Activities/ Schedules – Activities may be affected due to poor weather conditions or other factors which are beyond our control. If for any reason activities are changed, we will do our best to keep parents informed. Timetables and Schedules displayed are only a guide and are likely to change at any time.


8. Staff Ratios – Our staff ratios will vary based on groups and activities throughout the day. We will always keep our staff:child ratio to 1:12, ensuring a high level of care for your child. On many occasions, there will always be more staff than needed for each day. There is also likely to be junior volunteers present to assist with the overall running of the day. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any 1 to 1 care to any child.


9. Video footage/Photography – Throughout the day we may take videos and photographs for promotional, training and advertising purposes. This will be done so using only prearranged devices nominated by Kidz Camp Essex. No other devices or Mobiles will be permitted to be used in recording or taking images throughout the day of staff and children. You must inform us in advance or at the time of registration if you wish for your child to be excluded from this. You will also be given the opportunity to let us know if you wish your child to be included in photos/videos when you drop off in the morning through our sign in sheet. We aim to post this material to our social media platforms for the parents to see. There are no guarantees that all children will appear.


10. Nut Allergy Policy – Although every step is taken to ensure that any food or drink brought to our Camps are nut free, we cannot rule out traces of nuts or peanuts and we would kindly ask all parents/guardians to ensure that their children do not bring any food or drink containing nuts or peanuts to any of our Camps.


11. Packed Lunches – If you do decide to provide your child with a packed lunch, this must include plenty of fluids or a refillable bottle for the day. We will provide your child with simple juices and water for them to have throughout the day. A tuck shop will be available at selected times throughout the day at a cost to the parent. We ask that you send your child in with no more that £1 for the tuck shop. Kidz Camp Essex does not take any responsibility for tuck shop money being lost or stolen.


12. Lost Property - You are responsible for all your child’s belongings when they leave camp. Kidz Camp Essex will endeavour to return any lost property to its owners but if unsuccessful, this will be donated to charity.


13. Complaints - Kidz Camp Essex is committed in ensuring that every child who attends has a fantastic time and wants to return. If for any reason you or your child is unhappy, we want to be the first to know! If a problem has arisen either before or after camp, please contact our head office team. If there is an issue and your child is still attending camp, please contact your camp manager who will do everything they can to resolve it. You can be assured that your complaint will be taken very seriously. Refunds and compensation will only be given if Kidz Camp Essex is proven to have been in breach of these terms and conditions. Please note: verbal abuse of office or camp staff will not be tolerated.


14. Data Protection - Kidz Camp Essex is registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 (GDPR from 25th May 2018). To process your booking, we need to collect personal details about you and your children. We will treat it as confidential and keep it secure, complying with all relevant UK legislation. We will use your email address and telephone number to contact you with information that relates to any bookings that you make and any information that we might need that relates to the welfare of your child. We would also like to use some of your details to tell you about our products and services and those of our parent/sister organisations and will ask for your consent during the registration / booking process. You may unsubscribe at any time.


15. FREE day passes - All day passes must be pre-booked, and a note must be made that you would like to use a free day pass at the time of booking. You cannot turn up with the day pass if you have not already let someone know you will be using it. Kidz Camp Essex reserve the right to turn you away if this happens. this refers to a day that your child can attend for free. The value of this free day will be calculated based on your booking. (E.g. If you have booked a full week, £20 will be deducted.) This is not considered to having a monetary value. A free day covers the hours of 9:00am – 4:30pm.


16. Health, Illness & First Aid - Kidz Camp Essex require all children who are unwell to be kept home for the full duration of their illness and an additional 48 hours after their last symptom. Kidz Camp Essex will only administer medication if it is prescribed by a doctor or other health professionals and if a full medication consent form has been completed by the Parent or Guardian. Any and all medications must be handed in to the manager in the morning which will include EpiPen’s and Asthma pumps. In the event of an accident or emergency, Kidz Camp Essex will administer first aid where necessary and the emergency services will be called if necessary. All Kidz Camp Essex First Aid policies are in line with Ofsted recommendations with their being at least one paediatric first aider on site at any time.


17. Special Deals - All special deals selected must be paid for before your child attends Kidz Camp Essex. For Flexi Saver deals, you must let us know which dates you require at the time of booking.


18. Policies & Procedures - A copy of our full Policies & Procedures is available upon request. Please contact: [email protected]


There will also be a copy of the companies Policies and Procedures for you to view at each of our venues during the Half Terms and School Holidays.


19. Safeguarding - Kidz Camp Essex takes safeguarding very seriously and any suggestion of child abuse or neglect will be investigated and reported to either Ofsted or the local authorities.


20. Loyalty Cards – A loyalty card will be given to you upon your first day with us for each child. If this is not given to you, please collect at your earliest convenience. Each paying day you attend, you will receive a stamp. Once you reach the £10 off, this can be used for future services. Once stamped, it cannot be used later and must be used then. Once you reach the ‘free day’, this refers to a day that your child can attend for free. The value of this free day will be calculated based on your booking. (E.g. If you have booked a full week, £20 will be deducted.) This is not considered to having a monetary value. Any and all completed loyalty cards must be handed back into the camp manager.


21. Extreme Weather – In extreme weathers, Kidz Camp Essex has a duty of care to your child and their wellbeing. During hot days, limited time will be spent in the sun and plenty of shade breaks will be taken. Water contains will be available throughout the day for children to fill their bottles up and additional cups will be supplied for children who do not bring in a bottle. Sun cream must be applied in the morning by the parent/guardian. Sun cream can not be applied by any member of Kidz Camp Essex staff and only verbal guidance can be given to the children. Other weather appropriate clothing must be worn such as sun hats and breathable clothing. If you are sending your child in with perishable foods for their lunch, please ensure that you include an ice pack to keep it fresh. During the colder months, limited time will be spent outside. Appropriate clothing must be supplied by the parent/guardian such as hats, cloves and warm coats. Although limited time will be spent outside, traveling to and from areas will require going outside.


22. Full Summer Pass - The full summer pass is for one child to attend camp during the hours of 7:30am - 6:00pm and is applicable for the dates of the 25th of July until the 2nd of September (excluding bank holiday Monday - 27th August).


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