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Kidz Camp Essex record, process and keep personal information about you and your child in accordance with Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, May 2018): ‘the rights of the data subjects’. It is a requirement of our registration with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to provide you with information about the details that are kept by Kidz Camp Essex about you and your child(ren). ICO


The requirements apply to the information collected by Kidz Camp Essex in relation to:


  • Online data processing


  • Paper data processing



There are two different types of records kept by Kidz Camp Essex about you and your child: Developmental records and Personal Records.


Developmental Records including:


  • Information from the parent(s)/guardian(s)


  • Information regarding your child's learning and development at home



Personal Records including:


  • Personal records required by the statutory frameworks and or the local authority for funding purposes.


  • Contractual details including attendance registers and fees information.


  • Emergency details including your contact details and records of your child’s health and care needs.


  • Safeguarding and child protection records.


  • Any records required to support your child such as shared information from other agencies and professionals.



Information held about you and your child(ren) allows Kidz Camp Essex to comply with the EYFS and the Childcare register. Some of the data processed relates to the Early Years Inspection Handbook. Most of the information collected about you and your child(ren) is statutory; when information is optional you will be informed that you have a choice whether to share it with Kidz Camp Essex or not.


All information that is collected is done so confidentially and only shared when there is a need to share, ideally with the parent(s)/guardian(s) permission first.


For example:


  • Information is shared about income and expenses including, when requested, your payments with HMRC.



Under GDPR Kidz Camp Essex is required to keep data about you and your child(ren) up-to-date and to ensure it is accurate, this will be done regularly. Parent(s)/guardian(s) have the right to access personal data about themselves and /or their child(ren), which will be shared to you upon request. Kidz Camp Essex is required to inform each parent(s)/guardian(s) the length of period they will retain information on you and your child(ren). This information can be found in the ‘Retention Policy’.


Information held on you and your child(ren) will be deleted using the following methods:


  • If information is held online -  it will be permanently deleted.


  • If information is held in paper form - this will shredded.



Please see ‘Retention Policy’ for more information.


How to make a complaint - Kidz Camp Essex is required to inform you about how you can make a complaint if you so wish to relating to a data breach or if you think we are not processing your data appropriately.


Complaining to Ofsted - Ofsted can be contacted in the following ways: email: [email protected]; phone: 0300 123 1231; address: Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD.


Please see our complaints policy for more information.


Complaining to ICO - If you are concerned about a data breach, you can contact the information complaints office -


Online data processing - This is done through various company laptops that are updated with antivirus software regularly and securely protected with a password (regularly changed). No personal information is kept on any of the laptops, it is all accessed through Google Drive which is password protected.


Website - When you visit our website to read information on the site, Google Analytics collects internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns, we do not use this information. We use as a website builder and who handle our website, which may use anonymous information about your activity on our site: we do not use this information. When you fill in a booking form, this is sent directly to us where we then process the data onto Google Drive. The email is then kept as proof of agreement that you give consent to be contacted and that you have read our Terms & Conditions. The same goes for an enquiry sent through our website. Our website contains links to other website: we cannot be held responsible for the links that do not work or accuracy of the information contained in the websites; we will however ensure that these links are kept up to date and relevant.


Emails - If you sign up to our mailing list through our website, this request is then sent to us where we then upload the data onto We use Gmail as our email provider. This email request is then stored as proof of sign up.


Text Messages & Phone Calls - We use Tesco Mobile as our mobile carrier for our diverted mainline and camp mobiles. We use Virgin Media as our landline carrier. Your mobile number will never be stored on any of the phones we use however we will keep a log of text messages and phone calls sent and received for proof of conversations had.


Paper Data Processing - Paper documents relating to you and your child is This information is stored in a locked cupboard and will only be removed in the event of an Ofsted inspection. Any paper documents for any current School Holiday will be kept on site locked away until the end of the School holiday where it is collected, organised and stored away. Please see ‘Retention Policy’ for more information.


Paper Data Includes:


  • Medication forms


  • Sign in/out registers (Children, staff and visitors)


  • Incident forms


  • Complaints forms


  • Lunch lists


  • Daily Risk Assessment sheets


  • Fire drill log


  • Settling in forms


  • First aid forms


  • EYFS progressions charts



Changes to this policy - The Privacy Notice is reviewed annually and as required.


Updated 01/04/2018



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